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◗ 冷泡 / 水出し / Cold Brewing     ◗ 熱沖 / お湯出し / Hot Brewin

黃金蕎麥茶 | 淡泊之味,原味榖物



韃靼そば茶 オリジナルの味

✅ 韃靼そば


Golden Buckwheat | Golden buckwheat, utmost comfort

Golden Buckwheat

Golden buckwheat, otherwise known as Tatary buckheat, has a much higher nutritional content compared to buckwheat in general. It’s rich in multiple vitamins, dietary fiber, nutritional value, and produced through all-natural methods without pesticides or additives.
Roasted buckwheat is best enjoyed when soaked in hot water at higher temperatures (60-80C) for a sweet, aromatic, and unique taste. Caffeine-free grain teas allow you to enjoy each day with the utmost comfort.